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It seems Stewie will get a role in a peanut-butter advertisement and eventually become the breadwinner of the family in the upcoming episode of "Family Guy", titled "The Peanut Butter Kid".

To watch how Stewie gets the role and how Peter reacts as Stewie becomes the sole breadwinner, CLICK HERE.

As mentioned by, with the Griffins low on funds, Stewie gets cast in a peanut-butter commercial and in a jiffy becomes the family's breadwinner.

Meanwhile, Lois and Peter turn into crazed show-business parents and Brian proves to Stewie being a child actor is no big deal.

Though Peter is seemingly happy for Stewie, he is finding it hard to accept that he doesn't have a job anymore and Stewie is earning so much. However, he tries his best to not let anyone know about his jealousy.

Brian is also not very happy and is looking for an opportunity to prove he is a better child actor than Stewie. However, when he fails to do so, he gets frustrated and plans to embarrass Stewie.

Whether Brian manages to prove his superiority will be revealed only in the next episode.

In the previous episode, titled "Candy, Quahog, Marshmallow", Peter, Cleveland and Joe found an old VHS tape of an Asian soap opera Quagmire starred in when he lived in Korea.

When they couldn't find the series finale, the guys headed to Korea to search for it, and there Quagmire was reunited with an old lover. However, when Peter and others found out that the girl was Quagmire's ex, they tried to remind Quagmire of it, but he told them they are jealous of him for getting a girl.

Meanwhile, Stewie feared he was turning into a redhead. His fear soon developed into paranoia and he tried his best to keep it hidden from his family.

"The Peanut Butter Kid" will air tonight on Fox.