In the upcoming episode of "Family Guy", titled "Candy, Quahog, Marshmallow", it seems Peter and his friends will travel to Korea to retrieve an Asian soap opera tape in which Quagmire had starred.

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According to the synopsis by, Peter, Cleveland and Joe find an old VHS tape of an Asian soap opera Quagmire starred in when he lived in Korea. When they can't find the series finale, the guys head to Korea to search for it, and there Quagmire is reunited with an old lover.

Meanwhile, Stewie fears he's turning into a redhead.

Quagmire finds a girl in Korea with whom he falls in love. However, Peter and others find out that the girl is Quagmire's ex.  

In the previous episodes, Stewie was diagnosed with ADHD and received a prescription for ADHD meds. Brian soon learnt of their creative benefits and used them to write a book proposal to author George R R Martin.

Peter and Quagmire competed to decide who gets to keep their own cooking show.

They also set out to find Joe's estranged father as Father's Day approached. However, when Peter learned Joe's father hated handicapped people, he volunteered to pretend to be Joe.

Meanwhile, Stewie befriended Tom Cruise when he was disappointed to learn he would grow up to be 5-feet-1.

Stewie built a new robot friend when he and Brian got into a fight while Lois forced Peter to buy a new mattress.

When Peter and the guys believed they could make a better horror movie, they sought out for inspiration. However, they accidentally murdered a man and attempted to blame it on someone else.

Angered by Brian's attitude, Stewie set out to destroy Brian's pretentious glasses.

Peter found an old video tape while returning to his mother's old house to retrieve his porn collection.When he viewed the video tape, he realised that he is a failure. Because of it, Peter forced Chris to spend time with Brian, so he doesn't turn out a failure as well.