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Season 2B of "Faking It" is on full swing, and while Karma and Liam are slowyly understanding what they mean to each other, other relationships in the MTVW show are getting more complicated.

Before the show went of mid-season hiatus, we saw how Shane (Michael Willett) tricked his boyfriend Duke (kyler Maxon) into coming out of closet. However, Duke is completely unaware of it, and is deeply in love with him. Although Shane is happy with Duke, the fear of Duke finding out the truth is looming over their relationship.

Now, to Shane's disappointment, they have agreed to make their relationship open, meaning either of them can sexually be with anyone else while they are dating. However, Shane, who used to claim that monogamy is only for straight people, is unhappy about this decision. He want Duke all for himself, and from the looks of it, Duke does too, and is only going with this because he thinks Shane wants an open relationship.

Knowing "Faking It" like we do, we know that the both of them will reveal they want to be exclusively with each other, and just when we think they are happy, Duke will find out about Shane outing him.

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Meanwhile, Amy (Rita Volk) is trying to convince Raegan (Yvette Monreal) that she is a lesbian and not experimenting with Raegan. However, Karma (Katie Stevens) tries to tell her that she should not try to be someone she is not, just to make Ragean happy.

Lauren (Bailey De Young) is not ready to make any compromise so someone else can be happy. She told everyone at Theo's (Keith Powers) new school that he is a nark; technically, Amy and Shane did, but she wanted to do it as a punishment for playing with her emotions.

Although she felt bad about it afterwards, Lauren is still not to forgive him, but that doesn't mean Theo is not trying.In the promo for the upcoming episode, he is seen telling Lauren that he wants her back.

Watch out for season 2B episode 13 of "Faking It" at 9.30pm (EST) on Monday, 14 September. You can also live stream "Future Tense" via MTV Live!