MTV will start airing new episodes of "Faking It" season 2 from 31 August. In season 1, we saw Karma, Amy, Lauren, Shane and Liam entangled in complex storylines.

Karma figured out that her best friend Amy and her boyfriend Liam slept together after they both fought with her. Shane's closet boyfriend declared his love for home on TV, while a long-held secret of Lauren was exposed.

Having had her heart broken by the two people she trusted the most, Karma (Katie Stevens) decides to take everything in her stride and agrees to maintain a casual friendship-with-benefits relationship with Liam (Gregg Sulkin), although he is in love with her.

She also becomes a complete party girl, giving out belly shots and exposing her nipples at a party. Her new personality is only a cover to hide the fact that she is still hurt by Liam and Amy's (Tits Volk) actions.

While Liam deals with the fact that the girl he loves may be over him, his best friend Shane (Michael Willett) rejoices in the fact that not only did his wrestler boyfriend Duke (Skyler Maxon) come out as a gay in public, but also declared his love for the other.

However, it remains to be seen how Duke reacts when he finds out that Shane is the one who leaked his Grindr profile to the media.

Lauren (Bailey De Young), whom we had despised in the first season, turns out to be quite adorable and charming in her own way in season 2, and even elicits some empathy from us, when it is revealed that she takes hormone supplement because she was born inter-sex. Only a handful of people know about it, one of them being her boyfriend Theo (Keith Powers), who it is later discovered, is an undercover cop.

Obviously, Lauren was devastated and in her animosity, blurted out that she trusted him enough to confess her secret. Although Lauren tried to confine herself to her home and suffer in self-pity, a team of her peers joins hands to make her the next school president, because the new-found knowledge makes her more appealing to the voters.

In the trailer for "Faking It" 2B, Lauren is seen kissing Theo, in what looks like a classroom, meaning not only is her "political" life flourishing, but also her romantic one.

However, seeing as Theo is a cop and presumably much older than the high school student, their romance would have to be kept under wraps. It seems the two love being with each other; hopefully their love story would last longer than Lauren's romance with Tommy (Erick Lopez).

Watch out for the premiere of "Faking It" season 2B on Monday, 31 August, and until then, check here for regular updates on the MTV series.