"Faking It" is known for its complex storylines and pushing the envelope, and season 2B, although only a week in, has not disappointed. Every character in the series, as of now, is caught up in a complicated situation, and upcoming episode 12--"The Revengers: Age of the Monocle"--will tangle them one step further.

When "Faking It" returned with season 2B on 31 August, we learned that Karma's (Katie Stevens) parents are broke, Amy (Rita Volk) is still trying to mend her friendship with Karma, Liam (Gregg Sulkin) is in love with Karma, Lauren (Bailey De Young) is coping with Theo's (Keith Powers) deception and Shane (Michael Willett) is living with the guilt of outing his boyfriend Duke (SkylerMaxon).

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In "The Revengers: Age of the Monacle", we will see Raegan (Yvette Monreal) for the first time after the break, and while she is completely smitten with Amy, the latter does not seem to be reciprocating those feelings. In a clip from the episode, we see Raegen telling Amy that she will miss her lips when they are apart, and Amy is seen struggling to say words of endearment that she clearly does not mean.

Taking Amy's statements about missing her at face value, Raegan asks her to work with her at Cater Waiter since they are one man down, which Amy does not want to do. At that moment Karma walks in, saying she needs a job. Grabbing the opportunity, Amy tells Karma that they need someone to work at Cater Waiter, and although neither Kara nor Raegan wants to work with each other, they are left speechless.

Fans know that Karma and Raegan both want to be the centre of Amy's attention and affection, which is why they distrust and borderline hate each other. However, in a promo, they are seen joining hands in trying to teach a "b**ch" a lesson. They might even grow fond of each other in the coming episodes.

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Meanwhile, Lauren is seen confronting her ex-boyfriend and undercover cop Theo on why he wants her back. In the previous we saw him admitting to her that he does in fact have feelings for her, only for her to announce via an amplifier that after being hurt by him, she is putting her walls back up.

Shane is still debating on whether to tell Duke that he is one that outed him, while Karma and Liam try to define what they are, because Liam definitely wants to be more than friends with benefits.

Watch out for season 2 episode 12 of "Faking It" at 9.30 pm (EST) on Monday, 7 September on MTV. You can also live stream "The Revengers: Age of Monocle" via MTV Live.