All new episodes of "Faking It" season 2 will start airing on MTV from Monday, 31 August, with episode 11 titled "Stripped". In the mid-season finale of season 2 – nine months ago – we saw Karma finally forgiving her best friend Amy and Liam for sleeping with each other and pretending to be okay with everything else that happened.

However, the second half of season 2 will see Karma lash out in ways that are difficult for her friends to understand, with the help of a relatively new characters – Felix.

Felix (Parker Mack) has been popping up in many of the promos for season 2b and although we do not know much about the new eye candy, we do know that he is someone that Karma (Katie Stevens) grows close to. While Liam (Gregg Sulkin) finds him shirtless in Karma's room, when he goes over to profess his love for his ex-girlfriend, in the sneak peak for episode 11 "Stripped", Karma is seen lying about him to Amy (Rita Volk).

In the video, Karma is seen packing up all her stuff into "donate" and "keep" boxes, and while a confused Amy asks her why she is getting rid of them, Felix walks in. Amy, who has never seen Felix asks who he is, and is told that he is Karma's new GBF aka Gay Best Friend. We all know she is lying and he probably is among Karma's boy toys and someone who is on the same boat with her, in terms of "friends with benefits".

In the promo, Karma is seen telling Liam that they are no longer dating and that they are merely friends who occasionally have sex; this is clearly not okay with Liam, if he is going around telling Karma "I Love You". Karma probably doesn't want Liam to know about her sexual exploits, and is keeping Felix a secret; not to mention she also knows Amy is still in love with her, and probably does not want to think about her with a new boy.

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Karma is spiraling out of control, if the promo is anything to go by. She is seen giving off belly shots, exposing her nipples in public, and kissing her gay friend Shane (Michael Willett). She is still coming to terms with the fact that Amy, whom she loves and trusted more than anyone else, hurt her so badly. Acting out is her way of dealing with the pain and so is sleeping with Felix.

Many fans believe that Karma is more upset about Amy sleeping with Liam, than she is with Liam for sleeping with Amy. Meaning, Karma has suppressed feelings for Amy that she does not know how to deal with. Fans might remember her aggravated reactions to Reagan (Yvette Monreal), Amy's first girlfriend.

Some fan theories, like "The Point of No Return", suggest that her anger for Reagan was instigated by the fact that she might someday take her place in Amy's life and heart. Seeing Karma's behaviour in the coming episodes, it is unlikely that she might even sleep with Reagan as some sort of convoluted, twisted payback for hurting her.

To see how the Karma and Amy love story plays out, watch "Faking It" on MTV at 9.30 pm (EST) on Mondays, starting 31 August. You can live stream episode 11 "Stripped" via MTV website.