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MTV's rom-com series "Faking It" has been renewed for a third season, which is still another TV season away. But before that, fans still have another set of episodes from season 2 to power through, starting 31 August.

The first part of season 2 ended with Karma (Katie Stevens) still reeling from Liam (Gregg Sulkin) and Amy's (Rita Volk) betrayal, and Amy still fighting her feelings for Karma. According to the trailer of "Faking It" season 2B, neither of them seems to be coping well with their issues.

Although Karma says she has forgiven her best friend and ex-boyfriend/current friend with benefits, she doesn't behave like she has. Having turned into a complete party animal, Karma starts acting out, giving people belly shots and exposing her breasts in public.

While Liam tried to put his heart on the line and tell Karma he loves her, a semi-naked man appears at the window, seemingly having had sex with her.

Meanwhile Amy, who is dating Reagan (Yvette Monreal) seems to be dating or at least making out with other men. Amy also still seems to be in love with her best friend Karma, and reveals as much in the trailer.

Meanwhile, Shane (Michael Willett), who sort of forced his closeted wrestler boyfriend Duke (Skyler Maxon) to come out of the closet, is seen kissing Karma, making many fans wonder if the big secret to be revealed in Season 2B is that every character is bisexual. Another theory is that Karma is also attracted to Amy, and that her coming out will be the big reveal.

To summarise, in the words of Amy from the trailer, "Go get the toilet paper, 'cos sh*t just got real". Watch out for new episodes of "Faking It" Season 2 from Monday, 31 August.