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The fifth season of "Teen Wolf" has officially been given a premiere date. The latest season is going to have a two-part premiere with the first episode titled "Creatures of the Night" to air on 29 June.

This season will be darker than the previous ones, with reports stating that the protagonists will have to face several supernatural villains. The first few episodes might introduce viewers to Sluagh, a creature that devours souls of the innocent. The creature also has the ability to leave a part of his soul inside the bodies of sleeping people.

The role will be essayed by 16-year-old Texan, Michael Lynch, who landed the role through the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Besides Lynch, other actors who have joined the series are Cody Christian and Victoria Morales. Christian plays the role of Theo, a senior student and a lone wolf who is drawn to Beacon Hills in search of a pack, while Morales will play Liam's potential love interest.

"We've got a great new cast, we've got a couple new people in our cast that…fit so well in our cast of Teen Wolf," actor Tyler Posey told HollywoodLife. "The new villains are really, really, really cool. Really creepy, really creepy. It's something we've never done before, which is like impossible, because we've done everything."

Elaborating on what to expect in the upcoming season, executive producer Jeff Davis earlier told TVLine that the season is all about the group entering their senior year and facing new demons.

"It's very much about our teenagers becoming adults and heading into their senior year," Davis said. "But as always, we bring in some new mysteries and new monsters. I think this season is very much about the line between science and supernatural."

The new season will have 20 episodes, and the main theme will be the struggle of the protagonists to stay together. Their focus is also expected to shift from saving others to surviving.