Season 2 episode 14 of MTV's "Faking It" will be aired on Monday, and it is going to delve deeper into the relationship between Shane and Duke. We will also see how Zita's financial standing puts Karma at unease and step-sisters Amy and Lauren staking out to see which of their parents is cheating on the other.

Although Shane (Michael Willett) and Duke (Skyler Maxon) declared their love for each other in the episode 13 and agreed to be monogamous, their relationship could unravel any second. Duke does not know that Shane is the one that outed him as gay, and the latter is afraid to confess it himself. And now, to top it off, a fancy new publicist, who is unhappy with the relationship, mainly because Shane is in high school, has entered the picture.

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Meanwhile, Karma (Katie Stevens) is getting closer to Liam's (Gregg Sulkin) new socialite friend Zita (Chloe Bridges). Her disregard for expenses and the cavalier attitude towards using the family jet to watch Duke's wrestling match makes Karma uncomfortable about her own financial status. Will this cause her to think that Liam is better off with someone from the same social strata as him, and break off even the physical relationship they have?

Karma's BFF Amy (Rita Volk), on the other hand, is busy trying to expose either her mother or her step-father of having an affair. She, along with Lauren (Bailey De Young), goes on a stakeout to catch the cheater red-handed after finding clues about an affair within their home.

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Watch out for season 2 episode 14 of "Faking It" at 9.30 pm (EST) on Monday, 21 September on MTV. You can also Live Stream "Saturday Fight Live" via MTV Live.