Anika is all set for a custody battle with Hakeem in episode 6 of Empire season 4.Twitter/Empire

Empire, the Fox musical drama, will feature a courtroom drama between Hakeem and Anika when the show returns with a new episode of season 4 this Wednesday, November 15, at 8 pm EST.

Episode 6 is titled 'Fortune Be Not Crost' and the official synopsis for it states that the chapter will revolve around a custody battle for Bella.

While the Lyon family will stand together and support Hakeem, Anika will prepare for some big revelations. Although everybody is confident about Hakeem's ability as a father, no one is really prepared to deal with the big revelations of Anika.

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Elsewhere, Claudia grows more possessive over Lucious as she unlocks new ways to understand music through his paintings. In the meantime, Andre begins seeing a new therapist and one of Becky's old flames returns. For Jamal, the time has come to introduce Warren to Lucious.

However, showrunner Ilene Chaiken has teased big consequence for Jamal because of his relationship with Warren.

"We already know that Warren [Terrell Carter] is deceiving Jamal, and there's going to be a consequence to that. Whether Jamal really falls for Warren, is Warren really going to fall for Jamal, and is he going to be able to right the situation before it all comes crashing down is the big question," the showrunner said in an interview with Variety.

Click here to watch the Fox musical drama live online (only in the US). The sixth episode of Empire season 4 will also be available online here for free.

Meanwhile, check out the official synopsis for Empire season 4 episode 7, titled The Lady Doth Protest, below:

Production comes to a halt on Empire's 20-For-20 when Calvin and Porsha, feeling overworked by their new producer, Eddie Barker (guest star Forest Whitaker), call for a strike, leaving Cookie to find a solution to the issue. In an attempt to prove that he can still be the man he was before the explosion, Lucious arranges a deal on Hakeem's behalf, not knowing the repercussions that could follow. Meanwhile, love is in the air for Jamal and Andre, who each express their feelings for their significant others, not knowing the secrets that are being kept from them.