Drinking Solo
Will Jung-suk and Ha-na have happy ending in episode 16?Youtube/Screenshot

After taking its viewers through an emotional ride, Drinking Solo returns with another thrilling episode tonight, October 25, at 11pm KST on tvN. The finale will continue to focus on the love triangle between Jin Jung-suk, Park Ha-na and Jin Gong-myung.

In episode 15, the period drama focused on sibling love and the sacrifices made by the so-called premium trash for his younger brother. However, the rookie lecturer and the ninth grade civil service student are yet to understand the reason behind it. The sequel ended up by showing a helpless man trying to hold back his tears.

Meanwhile, the latest episode also featured a steamy bed scene between Hwang Jin-yi and Min Jin-woong. The sequel also hinted at a budding romance between Kim Ki-bum and Jung Chae-yeon. So fans are eager to know how the creators are planning to conclude the sequences.

Click here to watch the Korean mini-series live online. The episode will also be available online on the official YouTube Channel of tvN.

The new episode will pick up right from where it left off the lead characters and the official trailer teased a car accident for the female lead. The clip begins with a shot of Park Ha-sun's character drinking alone at her apartment, struggling to understand the reason behind the break-up.

While everybody at the Noryangjin Institute, including his own brother, blames the star lecturer for being selfish, he tries to act normal. In the meantime, Gong Myung's friends plan to do something interesting ahead of their exams. They write down their goals on small pieces of paper, collect it in a can and bury it.

The promo for the finale also features a conversation between the female lead and her student, in which he tells her that he really wants to pass the exam more than anybody else. "After the exam, can I see you? I have something to tell you," he says.

In the next scene, the rookie lecturer and her student are seen spending quality time with each other somewhere outside the institute. The video also focuses on the male lead while he rushes to the hospital knowing that his former lover has met with an accident.

Check out the official trailer for Drinking Solo episode 16 below: