Drinking Solo
Hana will be shocked to find out that Gong-myung is Jung-suk's brother.Youtube/Screenshot

Drinking Solo will take its viewers through a roller coaster of emotions when it returns with episode 15 next Monday, October 24, at 11 pm KST on tvN.

In episode 14, Jin Jung-suk and Park Ha-na enjoyed their first date leaving the student of Noryangjin Institute heart broken. When he reaches out to his friends for relief, he realises that they are equally sad about their love lives. Although Kim Ki-bum and Dong-young know the reason behind their love failure, they refuse to share it with him.

Towards the end of the sequel, the students realise that they should be strong enough to face the challenges in life and never give up on their dreams. So Gong-myung decides to meet his teacher in person and inform her that he still likes her. But he ends up confronting his own brother.

The official trailer for the next episode features a heart-broken Ha na, who is seen drinking alone at a restaurant. In the background, the viewers can hear an odd conversation between the female lead and the professional lecturer.

The promo shows Park Ha-sun's character saying: "Even if I drink solo at home, I can't drink alone at a restaurant. I'm afraid people will look at me and get curious." To this, the male lead replies, "Why do you care what others think? It's not good enough to live your life for yourself only."

In the next scene, Ha Seok-jin's character is seen drinking alone at a high-end restaurant and saying to himself, "It's good for everyone to give up now." Is he making a sacrifice for his brother? Even if he is doing so, things may turn out for the worst after the rookie lecturer realises that the siblings were hiding their relationship with her.

Watch the trailer for Drinking Solo episode 15 below: