Modi press conference

Prime Minister Narendra Modi conducted his first ever press conference in five years on May 17 along with Amit Shah, the president of Bharatiya Janata Party. Interestingly, this press conference was conducted just a few days before the much-anticipated vote counting, which will determine his government's fate. 

Narendra Modi's press conference received negative criticism from many corners, as the prime minister did not answer questions. In the wake of these developments, Mathrubhumi News, a prominent Malayalam news channel, conducted a debate on this topic. The show witnessed some dramatic events following the comments from Congress leader Jyothikumar Chamakkala about Narendra Modi.

During the news debate, Jyothikumar Chamakkala criticised Narendra Modi, stating that the Indian prime minister is an ardent lier. Citing anomalies on his educational qualifications, the Congress leader from Kerala even went a step ahead and called Narendra Modi, a fraud.

As Jyothikumar Chamakkala continued criticising Modi, Sandeep Warrier, who was BJP's representative in the news show, intervened. Warrier lashed out against Chamakkala, calling the Congress leader a real thug. The war of words between Jyothikumar Chamakkala and Sandeep Warrier got worse at this point, with both resorting to abuse.  News anchor Manjush intervened then saying his newsroom was not a place for hurling abuses.

The video featuring Chamakkala calling Narendra Modi an 'international fraud' has already gone viral on social media platforms, and his comments are now receiving mixed responses from users. Some people are hailing the Congress leader for stating the bitter truth, while BJP supporters allege that a regional leader like Chamakkala is not big enough to abuse a personality like Narendra Modi.

In the meantime, a section of BJP supporters have started attacking Jyothikumar Chamakkala's Facebook page, and they are literally showering abuses on his posts. 

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi