Subhadip Mukherjee via Free images

With a resounding thud, a part of one of Charminar's minarets fell down on Wednesday (May 1) night. The chunk which fell off was the part of the historic structure where the Archaeological Survey of India had already done their conservation work a few months back. 

Many reports claim that one of the reasons for the large chunk falling was due to the unseasonal rains in the city.

The damaged portion was part of the minarets on the Laad Bazaar side of the monument and The New Indian Express stated that no casualties were reported. However, the crumbling of the structure invoked widespread panic among the residents and tourists of the Old City in Hyderabad, which is famous for many of its Mughal era monuments.

The Assistant Commissioner of Traffic (Charminar), Nagarjuna confirmed that they have informed the ASI authorities regarding the incident to take the required measures to restore the structure, according to the Times of India.

The conservation of the Charminar was done after the monument had to go through decades of pollution to it turning a blackish colour, at last alerting the concerned authorities to take action. In fact, most monuments in the area started becoming a blackish colour. TOI reports that for the past few years, the traffic police around Charminar has not allowed any vehicles within the monument's vicinity.