A car went out of control and crashed into a toddler's room in Pomona city in Southern California. Fortunately, the child was not there in the room at the time of the accident.

Witnesses said that the car looked like it was taking part in a street race and the driver lost control when he veered to avoid another vehicle, local newspapers reported.

Surveillance camera footage showed the car flying across the yard and slamming into the room of Alex and Marie Stubblefield's 14-month-old son.

The child was in the room just a few minutes before the crash. The crib was even visible among the debris, according to abc7chicago.com.

car crash
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The mother of the toddler said that she heard a screeching and then the house shook as if there was a huge earthquake. She immediately called her husband who was just five minutes away from home.

"I can just visualize it in my head, if he was in there...I'm always changing his diaper in there, so is she. I thank the Lord that he wasn't in there," said Alex, as reported.

The house has been red-tagged and declared unsafe for living. The driver and passenger in the car escaped the accident without getting seriously injured.

Dishing out more information about the accident, Alex said that the police told him the driver was not drunk, and the passenger in the car claimed that they were going at 40 mph.

However, the family is not very convinced as other people gave a completely different account of the accident. The video also shows another car speeding the street in the same direction, which makes the street racing claims more genuine.

"Maybe, sure, it was an accident...But you know, this is a family. You did this to us. We're never going to be the same," Marie said. 

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