little slides in through bathroom door
Boy crawling into restroom shows how to slide into your crush's inbox.Twitter/Andrew Hall

Viral videos can sometimes get so overwhelmingly adorable that you're torn between laughing and going "aww" an endless number of times. Amid all the negativity and tirade of bad news arrives this precious video to offer you your daily dose of sunny side up!

Posted by Twitter user @achandrew13, the video is all kinds of hilarious and adorable – sure to melt the iciest of hearts out there.

West Virginia's Andrew Hall was absentmindedly using a restroom at local Chick-fil-A, when he was suddenly surprised by a child sliding under the door from the next bathroom cubicle to speak to him.

The child, who has now been identified by the name Levi, was all sorts of polite as he approached the busy Andrew. He asked Andrew his name and then requested him to "hold [him] and help [him] wash his hands".

As expected, Andrew was surprised and a little befuddled at the little child ever-so-casually rolling into his cubicle and being completely unfazed about the older boy going about his business.

So Andrew did what anybody in the situation would do, and advised Levi to go outside and look for his mother. Levi didn't fret around further either and complied, leaving Andrew alone — but also leaving the door unlocked as he exited the cubicle.

The follow-up of the amusing encounter was even cuter on Twitter, when Levi's father Len Stevens responded to Andrew's tweet, apologizing for his son's behavior. "He is very, very friendly," said Stevens, also thanking Andrew for dealing with the child so well.

Even Andrew was sweet enough in his response and said: "I'm sure I did the same thing back in the day."

Ever since the video went viral, social media did what it does the best and created countless memes from the clip of Levi rolling in under the bathroom door. Some even likened it to the best etiquette to initiate a conversation with a crush. 

Here's how Twitter reacted to the funny incident: