Photographers take pictures during a press conference
Photographers take pictures during a press conference [Representational Image]GREG BAKER/AFP/Getty Images

After Priya Prakash Warrier, the internet seems to have gotten a brand new sensation in a Chinese reporter. Liang Xiangyi of Yicai Media, a financial news service, hit headlines Tuesday, March 13, when she was seen rolling her eyes during a press conference at the annual meeting of China's National People's Congress.

Xiangyi looked irritated when a fellow reporter, identified as Zhang Huijun, seemed to ask a really long question. She is then seen turning around to look at the reporter. When Huijun continues with the question, Xiangyi is seen frowning, rolling her eyes and looking away.

While Huijun may have been busy asking the question and missed Xiangyi's expression, the eye-roll went viral on China's internet with the video shared widely on WeChat and other social media platforms, reported the Shanghaiist.

Such was the popularity that Xiangyi soon became one of the most-searched names online even taking over Chinese president Xi Jinping. The searches were later censored and blocked according to, a site that monitors censored items on the Chinese social media.

Meanwhile, when a colleague told Xiangyi that her expression was seen on television and was breaking the internet, she said that the woman asking the question "was being an idiot." The conversation was leaked online.

However, all this came at a price as Xiangyi's media accreditation has been revoked, according to the South China Morning Post, and her personal Weibo page was also taken down.

A chat between the Huijun and her friend has also been leaked online in which the former appears quite annoyed at Xiangyi for rolling her eyes at her. "What the heck was she doing looking at me like that?!" Huijun reportedly asked her friend.

Take a look at the viral video:

Since then several memes have come up on the internet and social media has been abuzz with people talking about Xiangyi and the eye-roll.