Episode 2 of "Awkward" season 5 will be aired on Monday, 7 September. We will see how Matty deals with the betrayal of his best friend and girlfriend; and to an extent, Jenna. Making a full circle, Jenna has found herself in the middle of a Jake and Matty conflict, even though she is not dating either of them currently. 

In the previous episode, Gabby (Erinn Westbrook), in a fit of jealousy, revealed to Matty (Beau Mirchoff) that she had sex with his best friend Jake (Brett Davern) during Spring Break in Mexico. Jenna (Ashley Rickards), who overheard Jake and Gabby talk, realised what had gone on, but after debating about revealing the secret to Matty, she decides to let it be.

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Although Jenna's action or inaction was owing to the fact that she wanted Matty to ultimately be happy, Matty is not too pleased with her for hiding it from him. We saw him punch Jake in the face and then walk out before any of his friends could stop him.

Although Matty and Jenna's relationship is paused for the time being, they will dance around the need to be with each other throughout the season, which marks the final season of the MTV show. 

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In "Short Circuit Party", we could also see a role-reversal with the characters, when Matty becomes the unpopular one, and Jenna gains popularity in the school. The promo describes it thus: "Jenna causes an accident in school with surprising results".

Season 5 Episode 2 will also delve in to how Matt and Jake will fix their friendship and get back to bromancing, before parting ways after graduation.

Watch out for season 5 episode 2 of "Awkward" at 9.00pm (EST) on Monday, 7 September on MTV. You can also live stream "Short Sircuit Party" via MTV Live!