The fifth and final season of MTV's "Awkward" will start airing from Monday, 31 August, and the premiere episode "Prank Amateurs" is going to pick up right from where season 4 finale left off.

Fans will remember that Jenna finally decided to move on with her life and forget about Matty, and almost simultaneously, he realised that he still has feelings for Jenna. Meanwhile, Tamara, who was hoping for a fun-filled holiday fling with a hot marine, is now engaged to one. But the most shocking - at the same time most predictable - event from the finale was Jake sleeping with Gaby.

Much like Ross and Rachel from "Friends" and Oliver and Felicity from "Arrow", the on-off romance between Matty (Beau Mirchoff) and Jenna (Ashley Rickards), is one for the history books. Their saga is now coming to an end, but we need to know that Matty and Jenna will finally be on the same page about loving the other, and officially get back together before the series finale.

However, it will take some time; because, although Matty had made plans with Jenna to visit his biological father, he went with his girlfriend Gabby (Erinn Westbrook). While Jenna felt dejected, Matty realised during that visit that Jenna is his soul-mate. However, before he gets a chance to tell her how he feels, he runs into Lacey (Nikki DeLoach), who tells him that he lost his chance. It is confirmed when he sees Jenna at the beach with another man.

Meanwhile, Gabby senses that Matty is growing closer to Jenna, and out of frustration she sleeps with Jake (Brett Davern), who is also vulnerable because of a failed college application.

In the initial seasons of "Awkward" we had seen how Jake and Matty's respective love for Jenna affected their friendship. Will Gabby also cause a rift between the best friends just before they say their goodbyes? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, Jake's ex-girlfriend Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) has gotten herself in a dicey situation after saying yes to a marine. T had hoped that the marine would be placed somewhere far away, and that long-distance will allows them to break off the engagement soon. However, it turns out, the man is stationed in California.

Knowing Tamara, she is going to go all out for this wedding, although she doesn't want it, and it would make her a teenage bride. Efficient and bossy are T's middle names and at this wedding, she is planning to be spectacular; so don't forget to save the date – albeit it may be cancelled any day.

Watch out for season 5 premiere episode of "Awkward" at 9.00 pm (EST) on Monday, 31 August. You can also live stream "Prank Amateurs" via MTV Website.