Akshay Kumar helps a performer who falls unconscious
Akshay Kumar helps a performer who falls unconscious.Video screengrab

Akshay Kumar has been busy with promotions of his upcoming movie Houseful 4. A unfortunate incident happened in one such promotional shows.

One celebrity photographer posted a video on Instagram from the show Movie Masti with Manish Paul where Akshay had appeared to promote the movie. During one of the acts, one artist fell unconscious while attempting a stunt.

The video shows a performer, who was doing a stunt alongside Ali Asgar, loses his consciousness mid-way. Akshay is seen rushing towards him to help him get down of the harness safely.

"Actor Akshay Kumar helps to save an artist who fell unconscious on a harness while promoting his upcoming film on the sets of Maniesh Paul's new show Movie Masti," read caption of the post.

Although it appears that the man was out of danger, it shows how at times certain stunts can go horribly wrong.

Meanwhile, the trailer of Houseful 4 received mixed response from the viewers. There have been several comments on social media, where some appreciated the humour in it, while some others found it bogus.

Houseful 4 was also in news for some wrong reasons. It was initially supposed to be directed by Sajid Khan, who was eventually taken out after he was accused of sexual harassment by multiple women.

Watch the video below: 

In a recent media interaction, Akshay had opened up on the issue, and had said that he would have no problem working with Sajid in future if the charges against him are proved to be false.

"I don't know exactly what has happened in his case but if everything goes well and if he is acquitted, I will surely work with him in the future," the actor had said at the event.