Salman Khan, Rajeev Masand
Salman Khan, Rajeev MasandTwitter

No one would have thought that after a steep downfall during the late 2000s when films like – Yuvraaj, Kyun Ki, Jaan – E – Mann were crashing both critically and commercially, Salman Khan would continue to be in the industry today. Leave aside the question of him churning out crores of crores every year with back-to-back blockbuster hits.

Salman Khan has himself said that it took him a long while to transform himself from Salman Khan to Sallu to the Bhai that he is known as today. While Salman Khan's humanitarian work hasn't gone noticed, there was a time when Salman Khan used to lose his cool at the drop-of-a-hat. And not just that, while almost all of his peers vowed to work better and strived for success, everyone was aware of Salman's laid-back attitude who didn't take his career seriously.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

It was during one such interview with Rajeev Masand where the film critic had asked Khan about his laid-back attitude. Sharply reacting to his accusation in a miffed tone, Salman had said, "Ye achhi quality hai ke kharab quality hai?" A docile Rajeev had said, "Agar potential hai aur usko explot nahi kiya to achhi kaisi ho sakti hai?" A visibly annoyed Salman had then said, "Mujhe to bhai bahut badhiya quality lagti hai. Kyunki ek aisa waqt aayega jis waqt kuch nahi hoga. Us waqt jo ambitious log hain unko vo situation handle karne mein bahut dikkat hogi. Bahut mushkil hoga unke liye. Mere liye to ye hai, nahi hai; it's just the same."

Salman might not have taken his work seriously back then, but now, there is no denying that Salman is one of the most hard-working actors we have in the industry today. Not only does he undergo rigorous training for all his films but he also makes sure never to make anyone wait on the sets for him. However, Salman still feels that the presence of a star like him doesn't guarantee a film's success.