The upcoming episode of CBS' "The Amazing Race" season 27 titled "Good Old Fashioned Spit In The Face" will see the contestants leaving South America and travelling towards their next destination in Zambia, Africa.

The latest episode of the reality television show is all set to air on 6 October. CLICK HERE to watch what new adventures await the contestants in Africa.

In the next episode, the teams will leave Argentina and fly to Zambia. As mentioned by Reality Fan Forum, they will be given a "Route Info" clue that will lead them to the Victoria Falls.

According to the summary of the episode, "As Racers soar high above the breathtaking Victoria Falls toward a double U-Turn, Team Texas uses their 'Express Pass' in the hopes of eliminating The Green Team, on The Amazing Race."

As mentioned by CBS Express, the Texans are planning to use their "Express Pass" to be the first on the "Double U-Turn" board to post Justin and Diana's photo in order to eliminate them.

Carter Matt has reported that in the episode promo, the teams seemed to be excited about their journey to Victoria Falls while some of the contestants are strategising for the upcoming "Double U-Turn" event.

In the previous episode titled "Where My Dogs At?," Team Texas said that they are planning to use the "Double U-Turn" benefit against The Green Team's Justin and Diana. Christian Post has reported that some of the contestants have perceived Justin as loud and obnoxious, which created tension between Team Texas and The Green Team.

Also, former "America's Best Dance Crew" contestants Earnest and Jin left the race after the two finished last in the previous episode. Besides them, The Dancers also failed to catch the bus to the rural town of San Antanio de Areco in Argentina, due to which they were not able to catch up with the other teams.

The winner of the race in the previous episode was best friends Josh and Tanner's Team Texas, which was the first team to arrive in the leg three of the race. They won a trip for two to Siem Reap, Cambodia.