In the upcoming episode, titled, "Second Place Isn't Good Enough" of CTV's "The Amazing Race Canada" Season 4, the final three teams will be putting their best efforts in order to make it to the final leg of the race and win the title this season.

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In the previous episode titled, "We're Doing It Wrong! We're In Big Trouble," Jillian and Emmett were leading the race and were competing among some of the top contenders of the race this season.

Even though the compatibility level between both Jillian and Emmett is not that good when compared to the other teams, they trusted each other with all the challenges, hurdles and tasks and hence, led the race to the top.

However, Jillian and Emmett need to be really careful now as despite leading the race and leaving the other teams behind significantly, they need to make sure that all the upcoming challenges and hurdles are overcome neatly. Otherwise, things might change for them and other leading teams can overtake them.

Emmett made a decision in the previous episode that almost ruined her and Jillian's chances of winning the race. The incident occurred when instead of driving a car in the assigned direction, Emmett marked the vehicle and decided to run behind it from a distance. He explained that the strategy was to chase the car and reach the destination without much struggle as the route was a treacherous one if he would have to drive there.

Whether Emmett and Jillian will win the final leg of "The Amazing Race Canada" Season 4 or not, will be seen once the episode airs.