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No one would have guessed that reality television would last this long. The concept of reality show began gaining recognition in the late 1990s and since then it has shown no signs of slowing down.

Here, we list out five reality shows that have stood the test of time.

Dancing with the Stars – This dancing competition pairs professional dancers with celebrities and they master tough routines to garner points from judges and votes from the audience. The pair receiving the lowest scores is eliminated at the end of each episode. The show was first telecast in 2005 and has aired 23 seasons so far. Season 24 of Dancing with the Stars will premiere in March on ABC.

The Bachelor – The Bachelor does not have a good track record of helping the star of the season find everlasting love. But it has had some success in the form of Jason Mesnick and Mollie Malaney, and Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici. The show premiered in 2002, and is currently airing Season 21 on ABC.

The Bachelor, Nick Viall
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The Amazing Race — The Amazing race first went on air in 2001. The show has 11 teams of two racing around the world taking part in mental and physical challenges to win $1 million. The show will air Season 29 in April. Season 28 of Amazing Race will premiere on February 6, 2017 at 9pm on AXN.

The Amazing Race

Big Brother — Big Brother is based on a Dutch TV series of the same name. It has contestants living together under constant surveillance. There are weekly eliminations and the last one remaining wins $500,000. The US version of the show premiered in 2000 on CBS and has aired 18 seasons so far.

Big Brother
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Cops - Cops, which premiered in 1989, is an American half-hour documentary-cum-reality legal series that focuses on American police officers as they go about doing their work. An official announcement is yet to be made on when Season 30 of the show will air.