From being one of the world's richest people to running the world's largest e-commerce company, Alibaba CEO Jack Ma is known to take some time off his schedule for leisure activities. The prolific figure in the business industry made his on-screen debut with GSD (Gong Shou Dao) the movie, which promotes Tai Chi, an internal Chinese martial art form.

Ma's vision is for everyone to practice Tai Chi, which not only builds a defence mechanism but also helps reduce stress and stay healthy. Ma's likeness towards Tai Chi has helped him stay fit over the years and a new video has surfaced on Twitter that demonstrates Alibaba chief's swift moves.

Matthew Brennan, a renowned speaker and writer focusing on Chinese mobile tech and innovation, shared a short video of Jack Ma beating up 5 thugs and demonstrating his swift moves and some Kung-Fu skills. Clearly, the video was scripted and the actors were a part of the skit.

Jack Ma
Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group, Jack Ma.Reuters

The reason behind the skit remains unknown, but the biggest takeaway is 54-year-old Ma's swift moves and apt Kung-Fu gestures used in combat. If we had to guess, the latest video of Ma could be in part to promote Tai Chi in front of the world.

In the video, Ma is sitting inside a van until two thugs open the door with the intention to attack. Ma quickly neutralises the first actor by kicking him and then attacks the second one with a blow. As the action sequence continues, Ma is seen moving around taking out the thugs one by one until everyone has fallen flat. Ma returns to the van, where the scene is cut.

Of course, a few after-effects will do a lot good to the video and the final cut would be more realistic to watch. The video has already garnered nearly 5,000 views on Twitter. Let's wait for the final video, if that's even happening, before jumping into criticisms.