Chennai's famous Queensland Amusement Park has been temporarily shut down after what was supposed to be an adrenaline-filled ride became a clip right out of a Final Destination movie when one of the cables snapped and a compartment filled with 12 people dropped with no support at the bottom.

The incident happened on June 18 in the amusement park which is situated on the outskirts of the city. However, the video has gone viral just now after it was posted on Facebook.

The video shows the ride, which comprises of a tall pole with two compartments on either side take people up to a great height and drops them. However, due to the wiring, the compartment will move with control and will come to a stop before going back up. However, at the end of the video, you can see the compartment filled with excitement slowly coming down and suddenly dropping with the wires suddenly snapping.

Queensland amusement park ride

After the video went viral, the amusement park was temporarily shut for investigation. "We wrote to them in April to ensure that all the rides were in good shape. They claimed that they had checked everything but clearly that was not the case," Assistant Commissioner Muthuvel Pandi told The News Minute saying that Queensland had a notice sent to them after many complaints were filed regarding the equipment and rides there.

"We came to know after the video of the accident reached us. The amusement park tried to hide the whole thing and we believe they convinced the visitors who were in the ride to strike a compromise. All first aid was done there without any external interference," Muthuvel said.

He added that the people were lucky that they fell only 10 feet and no one was harmed. If the able had snapped when they were at the top of the ride, at 150 feet, they would have died. The Assistant Commissioner also questioned why no one complained regarding the issue.

"They have now closed the park indefinitely till they obtain the necessary documents to produce to use," he said.