Fake IPS officer
Abhay Meena used his fake ID card to obtain free services from five-star hotels.Abhay Meena/Facebook

A fake IPS officer pretending to be an Assitant Commissioner of Police (ACP) of the CID unit has been arrested in Jaipur. The man was also known to deliver motivational speeches and tips on cracking the IIT and UPSC examinations. 

According to the Special Operations Group (SOG), the accused, Abhay Meena, had facilitated awards to police officers and attended several state functions based on his fake ID. A class 12 fail, he was suspected of fraud after a person doubted his government identity card that had the word 'branch' misspelt as 'branche'.

Additional Superintendent of Police, SOG, Karan Sharma said Meena, in his early 20's was extorting money on the pretext of being an IPS officer.

Sharma said his team caught him by tracking his past records and social media profiles. "We formed different teams to chase Meena. While one team traced Meena's record, the other studied his social media profile and the third team personally chased him," he added.  He was arrested on Thursday, May 29.

Fake IPS officer claimed he was the ACP of CB-CID branch
His Facebook profile claim that he had been the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) posted with the CB-CID.Abhay Meena/Facebook

Preliminary investigation revealed that he had obtained free services from five-star hotels using his fake IPS officer's identity card. Legitimising his position, pictures of parties and different award functions from several states were found posted on his Facebook page.

His profile also claimed that he had been the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) posted with the CB-CID. Regarding his educational background, he claimed he was an IIT-Delhi graduate with a BTech degree in civil engineering.

Belonging from Piloda village in Sawai Madhopur, he owned a car and plush flat in Jaipur. Upon investigation, police seized a uniform, a wireless set, three airguns and a fake ID card.

Police officials believe that many other cases will open up after a thorough investigation.

(Story published with excerpts from IANS)