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A day after a 41-year-old businessman was found dead at his residence in Rajajinagar near Bengaluru's Yeshwantpura, his 15-year-old daughter and her friend were arrested for plotting the murder. The minor told police that she committed the crime to get her "freedom back".

According to the police, the victim had restricted internet access and social media activity of the girl after he came to know about her relationship with Praveen, 19. The girl told the police that her father had beaten her once over the issue, reported The Times of India.

The crime was committed when the girl and her father were alone at home on Sunday while her mother and brother were in Puducherry. The girl mixed sedatives in her father's milk after which he passed out. She allegedly slapped him a number of times to make sure that he was unconscious.

She then called Praveen over to help her and they stabbed him a number of times. To hide the evidence, they took the body to the bathroom and set it on fire. However, the neighbours noticed smoke emanating from the house and notified the fire brigade.

The firefighters discovered the victim's half-burnt body. 

A planned murder

The victim, who owned an apparel store, had taken his daughter's phone away when he discovered she was in touch with Praveen. 

In the statement to the police, the accused said, "My father had recently learned that I was meeting Praveen in malls and he beat me with his belt."

In turn, Praveen had gifted a separate phone to the 15-year-old and they both spoke for hours on end. Their talks took a dark turn when they began plotting ways to get back at the victim for stopping them from the meeting.

Victim's wife in shock

The victim's wife rushed back to Bengaluru after she heard of her husband's death. Reports stated that she was in denial and could not fathom her daughter committing such a heinous crime. 

"The daughter and her friend were brought to the crime scene for a spot inquest; she looked relaxed after seeing her mother," a relative told TOI.