Next Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead" will be the winter finale of season 6 and it looks like more trouble is heading towards Alexandria Safe Zone.

The episode is titled "Start to Finish" and its official synopsis states that Alexandrians will be faced with a bigger threat in the midseason finale.

"After a few moments of peace, trouble finds its way to Alexandria again with a threat that may be too big to defeat," the synopsis reads.

The winter finale is sure to have casualties, and based on spoilers Jessie, Ron and Sam appear to be the unlucky ones. Also, Carl will lose his eye in the upcoming episode, similar to what happens to his character counterpart in Robert Kirkman's comic book series of the same name.

According to information available on The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page, here's how the big moment will unfold:

Rick, Michonne, Father G, Carl, Jessie, Ron, and Sam are all trapped inside one of the houses. The herd has swarmed the streets of Alexandria. In order to escape, they cover themselves in walker guts and start walking through the herd on the streets while holding hands.

Sam is grabbed by walkers and is eaten. Jessie freaks out and attempts to save Sam even though it is a lost cause. She refuses to let go of Carl's hand while doing so and as she starts falling into walkers Rick chops off her hand/arm.

Jessie dies. Ron gets super pissed and aims his gun to shoot Rick. Carl notices this and makes an attempt to save Rick and jumps in the way. He gets his eye shot in the process. Michonne immediately kills Ron. Rick grabs Carl and freaks out. No idea what Father G is doing this whole time. A couple scenes later Rick apparently goes absolutely crazy and starts killing walkers. Alexandrians join in.

"The Walking Dead" is aired Sundays on AMC.