It remains to be seen if Glenn is still alive, but yet another fan-favourite character is going to run into a lot of trouble in Sunday's episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead."

The official synopsis for "Always Accountable" states that Daryl, Abraham and Sasha go through a number of obstacles as they try to return to Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Spoiler forum "The Spoiling Dead Fans" has leaked the details of what goes on in the episode and it looks like Norman Reedus' Daryl gets captured by an unknown group of people. But his fate won't be as grim as Glenn's, who was seemingly devoured by a group of walkers in the episode entitled "Thank You."

According to spoilers, Daryl escapes and reunites with Abraham and Sasha by the end of the episode, and they appear to be making their way to Alexandria Safe-Zone.

As for when viewers will get a definite answer to whether Glenn is alive, rumours doing the rounds hint at episode 7 being the solution to the mystery. The episode is entitled "Heads Up" and according to its synopsis, "Alexandria is finally able to begin pulling itself back together; peace is embraced between the two groups."

"The Walking Dead" us aired Sundays on AMC. Click here to watch the episode online.

Find below The Spoiling Dead Fans' official "Always Accountable" Q&A:

Q-Who captures Daryl? What are their names and what do they want?
A-They appear to be "normal" people who left another group. What that other group is unclear.
Dwight and Tina.

Q-How do they capture Daryl and how does he escape?
A-He gets injured in the chase, stops to fix himself and then gets whacked after encountering the people. He escapes when one of the group who took him faints and he runs into the woods.

Q-Do Sasha, Abe, and Daryl make it back to the safezone?
A-No but they are heading that way

Q-Who's the group chasing Abe, Sasha, and Daryl? Why are they are chasing and shooting at them?
A-They mistook them for some other people they were looking for. It's not made clear who these others are but they don't appear to be wolves. Heavily armed, cars and radios.

Q-Do Sasha and Abe kill all the people that were chasing them?
A-Kills one group in the car that crashes with them. The other car drives off.

Q-Does the man that captures Daryl steal his crossbow?
A-He loses it after he gets whacked. He gets it back when he escapes. He returns to help them out again when they are attacked by another group.
He loses it again when they doublecross him.

Q-Do Sasha, Abe, and Daryl successfully drive the front half of the herd away?
A-They appear to be doing that at the end of the episode.