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This Sunday's episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead" will finally reveal Steven Yeun's character Glenn's fate. Glenn, who was last seen surrounded by a herd of walkers, was assumed to be dead in the episode titled "Thank You".

"The Walking Dead" producers had refused to comment whether Glenn was actually dead, but they did tease that the viewers will see Glenn, or a different version of the character, in one of the upcoming episodes.

"In some way, we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn or parts of Glenn again, either in flashback or in the current story to help complete the story," a statement released by showrunner Scott Gimple said.

According to the spoilers released by The Spoiling Dead Fans, Glenn survives and it looks like Enid helps him get back to Alexandria Safe-Zone.

The spoiler forum also revealed that the voice booming over the radio at the end of "Always accountable" belongs to Eugene. The mid-season finale will see the walkers flooding Alexandria Safe-Zone, forcing Eugene to radio for help, reported The Spoiling Dead Fans.

Here's The Spoiling Dead Fans' official "Heads Up" Q&A:

Q-Do Sasha, Abe, and Daryl make it back to Alexandria?

Q-Do the others find out about the tied up wolf? What are their reactions and what do they decide to do with him?
A-Yes, Denise and Carol. We don't see their reaction or any decision.

Q-What causes the tower to fall? At what point in the episode does the herd make it's way into the safezone?
A-It just collapses due to it being weakened by the truck from a few episodes back.The herd is still surrounding Alexandria.

Q-How does Glenn escape?
A-The old hide under the dumpster trick. Cheap. (Glenn basically waits it out until the walkers leave. Enid spots Glenn first from a roof and throws him some water down after he gets out.)

Q-Does Glenn make it back to Alexandria?
A-Yes to the outskirts (Glenn releases the balloons he had to signal he survived the mission)

"The Walking Dead" is aired Sundays on AMC. Click HERE to watch the episode online.