King Ezekiel and his pet tiger, Shiva, from the show, The Walking Dead.YouTube screenshot.

The Walking Dead has done something absolutely unimaginable, and fans are having a rather hard time trying to forgive the show for it. This just in: The beloved, trusted comrade of King Ezekiel – Shiva, the tiger – is dead!

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Amidst the love-hate relationships between fans and followers of the show, the character of King Ezekiel had come a long way ever since his debut in Season 7. Despite Neegan being labelled as the plot twist of the eighth season, Ezekiel has been a heavy element since the beginning.

And if one thing has been constant, it is his sidekick and pet tiger Shiva. This is probably why the death of this beloved animal is being considered one of the worst in the history of deaths the creators of The Walking Dead have showered fans with.

Granted, Shiva isn't the only death in the show: A lot of people die in it. Right at the beginning, Ezekiel is seen pulling himself out of a giant pile of his dead comrades, who are slowly turning into zombies, making their way towards the closest target: Ezekiel himself.

And then comes a tough, hour-long battle of Ezekiel and Carol, trying to trump the Saviors. But nothing really prepares fans for the giant climax. The build-up is there but it just wasn't expected; probably why the emotional ending of the pet tiger is something that will be hard to outdo.

Shiva's sacrifice in an attempt to save her master resembles that of the comics, and as usual hardcore fans took to Twitter to vent their emotional outburst over the ending.

It's safe to say that a lot of people would answer with a strong yes to this particular statement...