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With the election dates nearing, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is still preferred by people in North Indian states, especially Uttar Pradesh. Down South, in Tamil Nadu, Congress president Rahul Gandhi has also gained mass popularity.

According to an India Today survey conducted between March 13-15, more than 55 per cent of the voters still support PM Modi and want him to return as the PM, showing growth in voter percentage from 48 per cent in October 2018 to 51 per cent in January 2018.

UP satisfied with Modi

A Political Stock Exchange (PSE) poll data shows that public satisfaction has seen a rapid increase with the central government. The overall satisfaction grew to 57 per cent in March from 54 per cent in January and 53 per cent in October 2018.

Narendra Modi with Bollywood celebs
Narendra Modi with Bollywood celebsTwitter

As per to the poll data, 29 per cent voters are dissatisfied, compared to 32 per cent in January and 28 per cent in October 2018. Ten per cent have average opinions and 4 per cent belong to don't know category.

Rahul Gandhi has also gained immense popularity as he is the voter's choice of 28 per cent respondents in the latest poll from 22 per cent in October 2018.

Voter's satisfaction

While 63 per cent of the respondents gave Modi government their full support for its post-Pulwama attacks, 32 per cent are dissatisfied with unemployment, 20 per cent raised issues of terrorism and 14 per cent are concerned with stray cattle, shows the PSE poll.

According to the poll data, 32 per cent of the respondents said that the farmer's financial situation has improved in the last five years, while 28 per cent has found no change in it and 22 per cent claimed that the situation has only aggravated.

43 per cent of the voters agreed that the law and order situation has improved in UP while 22 per cent has disagreed with this claiming it has worsened than before.

TN supports Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi has made a great sweep in the southern state and his popularity has only been increasing. The voter's choice has increased to 46 per cent in March from 39 per cent in January and 36 per cent in October 2018.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi poses with a Goa based dentist, Rachna Fernandes while lunching at a restaurant in South Goa on SundayInstagram/ Rachna Fernandes [Representational Image]

Modi has also received a hike of 35 per cent in March from 28 per cent in January, which had decreased from 29 per cent in October last year.

The PSE poll data shows that Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) chief MK Stalin is also far behind in the preference chart from 8 per cent in October and January to 6 per cent in March.

While 29 per cent of the respondents are satisfied with the Modi government on March, 37 per cent has expressed their dissatisfaction. However, it lower compared with 38 per cent in October and 41 per cent in January.

Pulwama, Unemployment and other factors

Here also more than 50 per cent has given Modi full marks with the government's response to the terror attack, while 20 per cent were partially satisfied and 15 per cent completely dissatisfied.

According to the PSE poll, 25 per cent of respondents have raised issues over Cauvery dispute with Karnataka followed by 23 per cent voters sharing concerns over unemployment.

Only 5 per cent of the respondents have concerns over terrorist activities in India.