Virat Kohli Viv Richards
Kohli and Sir Viv in

In a special chat organised by the Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) between all-time great West Indian batsman Sir Vivian Richards and Indian batting maestro Virat Kohli, the two men engaged in a very insightful and enlightening conversation about batting and cricket in general.

BCCI uploaded the second part of the interview on its website and it featured some very interesting comments and observations from both men. Virat mentioned one of the most difficult phases of his career – the 2014 tour to England and how he got over that slump in form.

In the five-match Test series that India played on that tour against the hosts, Virat wasn't able to get a single half-century in 10 innings. However, the now-legendary Indian batsman was able to recover his form and plunder nearly 700 runs on his next tour – to Australia at the end of the year.

Talking about that experience, Kohli said to Sir Viv: "In 2014, we went to England and I had a very, very bad tour. But the next one was Australia which is even more hostile and even more tough. So, the thing that helped me that time, and again it happened naturally, was visualization.

"Three months before going to Australia, I started visualizing that I am taking these bowlers on and I am gonna dominate and I am gonna come out on top. That for me was a revelation. I had so much belief because of putting that thought in my mind."

Sir Viv interjected at that moment and praised Virat for his efforts on that tour. He also talked about how Australians have a penchant for sledging and expressed his admiration for the way Virat responded to them.

"I was in Australia at that time. I can remember, we were doing the Big Bash. The Australians can be, in my opinion, at times, bullies. They try talking you out but you gave it back. I loved that. Not just giving it back but giving it back with interest," the former Windies skipper said.

He further added that: "I always felt that if you could go to Australia and combat what they have there, you are gonna be OK elsewhere."

Virat reciprocated the adulation of Richards. "For me, there was nobody more significant than yourself in that regard. The time that you played and the way you dominated the bowlers, I can relate to the fact that only self-belief can make you play in that manner where you feel like you will not be beaten by anyone and you will come out on top," Virat told the great man sitting next to him.