Aamir Khan and Kiara Advani's latest advertisement has received mixed reactions. The bank advertisement features the two together for the first time. The advertisement revolves around the tradition of brides leaving their homes to go to their husband's home after marriage. But, in this particular ad, Aamir Khan as the groom decides to stay as son-in-law who stays at his wife's home.

Kiara Advani, Aamir Khan ad
Kiara Advani, Aamir Khan adInstagram

What is the ad all about?

The ad is being lauded by many but many are not happy with the ad. Some social media users have questioned the decision to cast Kiara Advani and Aamir Khan as bride and groom despite such a huge age gap between the two. Few have called out the ad for "hurting Hindu sentiments".

Vivek's tweet

Vivek Agnihotri reasoned that the bank should do activism by changing corrup banking system. "I just fail to understand since when Banks have become responsible for changing social & religious traditions? I think @aubankindia should do activism by changing corrupt banking system. Aisi bakwaas karte hain fir kehte hain Hindus are trolling. Idiots," he tweeted.

Social media reacts too

"Aamir Khan loves to do ads which mock Hindu traditions .. he will never dare talk or do any ads pertaining to Hijab, Burqua, Triple Talaq, Halala.. maintains pin drop silence on Sar Tan Se Juda," wrote another user.

"Aamir Khan, once again, mocks Hindu traditions & insult our emotions. I'm not upset by that coz it's in his DNA & his religion teaches him to insult kafirs But what's wrong with @aubankindia for mocking Hindus. Can @TambiSaurabh make similar advt on Muslims & Christians?"