Interestingly, while the ICC fined Faf du Plessis 100 percent of the match fees, the international body has not even commented over Kohli's alleged ball tamperingIANS

Even Virat Kohli is asking this question as he addressed the media ahead of India's third test match against England, starting Saturday in Mohali. India cricket team coach Anil Kumble already mentioned on Thursday that they are just not ready to "give wind to any such story" reported in the British press. 

Even former England cricket team captain Nasser Hussain has come across as an unlikely support for Kohli and, in an interview with India Today, blasted the British publication for blowing everything out of proportion.

A video has gone viral allegedly showing the India test cricket team skipper taking course to a chewing gum to shine the ball during the India vs England Rajkot test match, which resulted in a draw. The International Cricket Council ICC (ICC) is still mum over the issue.

Here is what Kohli said on Friday: 

I think it's [the allegation is] just meant to take the focus away from the series, to be honest. It happened in Australia when South Africa won the series [referring to the Faf du Plessis 'mintgate' incident].

I'm surprised the issue of whatever has been told, came up in Rajkot but there was no mention of it when we saw the result in Vizag.

To me, a newspaper report doesn't matter over the decision of ICC. We ask cricketers to respect that only. I laughed it off [the entire incident]. I don't pay attention to all those things. It's just that some people are trying to take the focus away from the series. Good luck to them. As for us, we are totally focussed on our Rajkot game.

If I was doing something, ICC would have spoken to me."

Kohli, 28, was sensational in the 2nd Test match of the five-game series. While he scored 89 runs over the two innings in the Rajkot Test match, a total of 248 runs (167 and 81) were scored by him over the two innings in the Vizag Test, where India defeated England by 246 runs to go 1-0 up in the series.

Here's what Nasser Hussain said on the incident:

It's ludicrous really. Much ado about nothing. The whole ball-shining thing with something in your mouth has been going on for ages. I don't know how you police it. How you say what is allowed and is not. What kind of sweets or drinks (can players consume) during the breaks?

I defend Virat and Faf vehemently. This is really poor stuff and we need to start concentrating on the important things. There are so many other important things we need to worry about and not a picture of Virat from two games ago maybe with a sweet in his mouth or Faf Du Plessis with mint in his mouth."