The India-Australia Test series is fast approaching and the anticipation for the battle is very high with every move of the Indian players being closely watched and critiqued.

With three days left to the first Test at Adelaide, the Indian team did their official photo shoot in the traditional white clothes that they will don in the Test series.

Virat Kohli
File Photo of Virat KohliBCCI

The pictures posted by the BCCI on their official social media handles look stunning and as usual, Twitter has come out with their reactions – some going gaga over their cricketing idols while others asking the team to knuckle down and prepare for the Test series.

While this man demanded a series triumph in Australia 

And another man had a reply for him.

This man felt that these pictures had a larger purpose than what meets the eye. 

This person seemed upset with Rahul.

Another Twitter user had a rather amusing question. 

While people have reacted positively to these photos, captain Kohli now wants his team to win at all costs and has said that is the only thing he is focussing on.

"In the early stages of my career I used to think of these things (personal achievements) as important milestones which are really important in one's career, but now the focus is purely and solely on making the team win at any cost," Kohli told Macquarie Sports Radio.

"So from last time round I think I'm more assured of myself, I don't find the need to get involved in anything with the opposition and I think those are changes that keep happening gradually as you go forward."

The four-match Test series starts at Adelaide on December 6.