The Indian team seemed in good spirits following their victory in the second ODI against Australia in Adelaide on January 15 and following the win, Virat Kohli debuted in a new talk show.

Appearances in talk shows have not gone too well of late for cricketers in the Indian ODI squad but captain Kohli was in a safe atmosphere as he was asked strictly cricketing questions by Yuzvendra Chahal on his post-match talk show called "Chahal TV".

"I had never envisioned this wonderful opportunity of appearing on Chahal TV. I think this is a bigger honour than my 39th century and my man of the match award."

"In fact, I think this is the biggest honour in my career," said Kohli when asked about his appearance by the host after whom the show is named.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli celebrating his century in Adelaide.Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images

Kohli was also asked about his mindset during a chase and the Indian captain gave a peek into the calculator-like brain.

"I think it's very important to keep rotating the strike. But there was a phase when I attacked the bowlers – these are the calculated risks one has to take. You have to mentally think about these things and put yourself in such situations so that they come in actuality, you are ready to tackle them," said Kohli.

The Indian captain also spoke about MS Dhoni and reiterated his faith in the former skipper.

"We saw a glimpse of the classic MS Dhoni-style of innings in Adelaide. It is not easy to come into international cricket after a long break and especially in Australian conditions – there's jet lag, the body is tired and the mind does not function as you would want it to. Even we faced the same during the first T20I when we couldn't get into the flow."

"The more he plays the more in flow he will get and when Dhoni gets into the flow you can bank on him. As a team, we feel really good when he performs well."

Before concluding the interview, Chahal asked his captain to promote his show and once again, Kohli's humour came to the fore.

"See brother, if you have to appear on Chahal TV you have to perform outstandingly. Otherwise, you have no chance. If you don't score a century or take 5 wickets, you can never make an appearance on Chahal TV."

"Last time, Rohit [Sharma] had come, this time it is me. So you are aware of the standard – you have to either take a fifer or score a century otherwise this fellow will not give you his time. Period!" the captain concluded.