Rahul Dravid
A file photo of Rahul Dravid.Reuters

When he played the game he had an impeccable record. That won him millions of cricket followers. Now, he is continuing in the same way. He is none other than Rahul Dravid.

For any youngster, be it in cricket or any other field, Dravid is a role model. His simplicity and on-field conduct is worth following.

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Cricket is known as a gentleman's game and Dravid aptly suits that. After retirement, he has involved himself in TV commentary and now is coach of India Under-19 and India 'A' teams.

Today (November 24), the micro-blogging website Twitter was flooded with high praise for Dravid. This was a due to a photo which showed the Bengaluru man standing a in a queue with his son Samit - who is also a cricketer and other kids at a science exhibition.

Unlike any other celebrity who would use his status to gain direct access to anything, Dravid chose to stand in a line like a commoner, which was well appreciated by netizens. The photos has gone viral since yesterday.

The photo was tweeted by a user "South Canara" with the caption "That's Rahul Dravid in a queue with his kids at a science exibhition. No show off; no page 3 attitude; no celebrity airs; no "do you know who I am?" looks; Queueing just like any other normal parent... really admirable..." However, it was not clear when the photo was taken.

This image was retweeted close to 6,000 times and like by over 11,000 users untill 3.35 PM IST on Friday (November 24). It is likely to get more attention.

In the picture, Dravid's son Samit (in white t-shirt and glasses) in standing while there are two girl behind him. Dravid has one more son - Anvay.

In January this year, Dravid had refused to accept a honorary doctrate from Bangalore University stating that he would like to earn it.