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Boyapati Srinu's Vinaya Vidheya Rama starring Ram Charan and Kiara Advani is one of the awaited Telugu movies. The film is set for worldwide release on January 11 and the mega fans are all excited about it.

Mega power star Ram Charan has churned out a blockbuster with Rangasthalam in 2018. Its huge success has generated a lot of curiosity and expectations about his latest outing Vinaya Vidheya Rama. In a bid to live up to the hype, the actor went through several stories, before finalizing Boyapati Srinu's script.

Ram Charan has undergone a physical transformation for Vinaya Vidheya Rama. With the help of his wife Upasana, the actor underwent a strict gym routine and maintained a diet regime for months to get a chiselled body. His Rambo type of body, which featured in the promos of the film, has doubled the viewers' excitement for its release. His shirtless avatar is going to be one of the big attractions of the movie.

Vinaya Vidheya Rama is an action film for which Boyapati Srinu has written the script and dialogues. The movie revolves around the story of Ram Konidela, the happiness of whose family is held to ransom by a violent crime lord. How Ram destroys his nemesis and his criminal empire will form the crux of the film.

Vinaya Vidheya Rama has been produced DVV Danayya under the banner of DVV Entertainments and the promos show the film to have rich production. Action, punch dialogues, background score and camera work will be the main highlights of the movie.

A day before its release, the Ram Charan and Kiara Advani starrrer is being premiered in the US and few other foreign countries. We bring you the overseas viewers' review of the film. Stay locked to this page to read Vinaya Vidheya Rama review and rating - live updates:

Chaitanya Bandi‏ @chaitushungama

#VinayaVidheyaRama Liked 1st half But big let down in 2 half 2nd half lo fights , emotions Ani overboard vellipoyadu boya babai Villan snake ✊ scene iythey Mari too much

SADDY‏ @king_sadashiva

Average 1st half with couple of good sequences. Ram Konidela scene Mass. #VinayaVidheyaRama Second Half Desert lo fight .. Fastly done Sec half with 2 good action episodes. Boya made this film for C and D centers not even B centers. Would have worked in 80's but not today. Action episodes, Ram Charan and Vivek Oberoi screen presence are only plus. BGM, Songs big let down. 2.5/5 #VinayaVidheyaRama

#BiggBogus‏ @ArmyTanish

#VinayaVidheyaRama Movie is good. But charan is a wrong choice. Charan cant meet the expectations of Boyapati. By seeing charan in the movie, I felt like seeing a mix of all Balayya movies.

Kalyan Bandaru‏ @appukalyan

#VinayaVidheyaRama #Ramcharan attitude, bros and vadina sentiment, first half comedy, mukeah episode, prasanth death reveal, good one. Especially charan few scenes #Megastar #Chiranjeeevi style and body language Cherry performance and acting got much ease and elegance.

яανιι‏ @Ravii2512

Below Average First half..!! Pandem Parasuram ki warning iche scene okkati baundi anthe.. Ahh BGM endi ra ayya rod ga.. Ahh comedy scene lu endi ra Hema tho.. Blood Vomiting#VinayaVidheyaRama Rod second half...!! Etta tisav ra daridruda intha galiz ga cinema... ahh fight lu endi ra troll stuff mottam... Vivek Oberoi gadu okkadu good cinema mottam lo anthe... Picha lite cinema... #VianayaVidheyaRama

Venkat‏ @Venkt_Reddy

First half: Except two fights totally crap #VinayaVidheyaRama Performance m ledhu bro antha over action... and mass kuda m ledhu first 30 min lo oka fight..interval fight okati anthe rest antha sodhi Avsr fights tho comparison kuda waste Second Half : Feast for mass fans Overall : May workout in b c centres

Hanu‏ @HanuNTR

1st HALF Report #Vinayavidheyarama Mindless, Sensless scenes, Full Violence Utter scrap Comedy & Boring Charan's nata vidwamsam, yes He is Back to Racha,Nayak,Thoofan, Yevadu,GaV days. 2nd HALF REPORT : #Vinayavidheyarama 55 Minutes Non Stop TORCHER, ROD Worst acting by Ramcharan CLITCHED Story and Poor 2nd Half Families stay away to this movie Overall its a DISASTER.

Peter‏ @urstrulyPeter

Charan entry scene #Vinayavidheyarama 1st half over.. very ordinary routine concept from boya again with senseless scenes and worst possible comedy thumbs down #VinayaVidheyaRama I doubt.. Is he the same charan whom I saw in rangasthalam ? pathetic acting close up shots were worse #VinayaVidheyaRama Walk out routine utter crap .. this is the 1st movie I'm walking out from theater well before the end card.. #VinayaVidheyaRama

Savya‏ @tarak199

Intro mind blowing #VinayaVidheyaRama Kiara entry Very disappointing first half.. just no story at all.. horrible direction and screenplay... #VinayaVidheyaRama #VinayaVidheyaRama Done! Easily the worst second half ever...Overall, just a disaster in every aspect of the film.. ee cinema charan ela opukunado

Harish‏ @harish975

#VinayaVidheyaRama first half report: routine to the core #boyapatisrinu niko pedda dandam sir

Shiva Shankar Reddy‏ @sankar485

1st half lo ram konidela secene and interval card pade mundu police lu ravatam tapp emi ledu.. #VinayaVidheyaRama

Chandu☮‏ @chandu_212

Seriously not understood anywhere throughout the movie what exactly exited #RamCharan to do #VinayaVidheyaRama after such a CLASSIC CULT #Rangasthalam Not to say disappointed but not interested in accepting these type of movies from Charan tat too after Dhruva n #Rangasthalam Apart from Pandem Parashuram scene, Thassadiya n Thandane song 1st half is Utterly Scrap And 2nd Half don't know where it started n how it prolonged n how finally it's ended..!! #VinayaVidheyaRama What the shit is snake bites a man and snake dies..??(Not abt tat convincing..??) #VinayaVidheyaRama As a fan of #RamCharan loved even Thoofan movie but #VinayaVidheyaRama is completely Disappointing

SAAHO Venkat‏ @SAAHOVenkat2

First Half completed...Pure RC one Man show, Family Scenes Heart touching...RC nailed each and every Scene, specially emotions he carried was His Dances, His Fights Pure Fans Stuff, Mass ante RC-RC ante Mass. Waiting for second Half. #VinayaVidheyaRama

Sadiq ali‏ @Sami73Ali

Done with first half.. Boya Mass.. Ram charan at his best.. Songs and bgm is the big let down or else would have been next level first half.. #VinayaVidheyaRama

BennySpeaks‏ @benny_speaks

Decent 1st half #VinayaVidheyaRama Charan Impresses, Boyapati Misses #VinayaVideyaRama Ram Konidela impresses with his screen presence & dances but is totally letdown by mediocre script, bad writing along with passable music @Advani_Kiara looksBoyapati loses steam midway n it's all downhill till the end #VinayaVidheyaRama Charan's MASS Boyapati's MESS #SafeSkip