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Mega power star Ram Charan and director Boyapati Srinu were trolled mercilessly over the train, snake and eagle scenes from their movie Vinaya Vidheya Rama, which hit the screens on January 11.

Vinaya Vidheya Rama is an action thriller movie, which is written by Boyapati Srinu, and Ram Charan's chiselled body and dare-devil stunts featured in its promos had created a lot of curiosity about the film. But the movie, which was released in a record number of screens, failed to live up to the viewers' expectations.

What disappointed some viewers the most were some illogical sequences Vinaya Vidheya Rama. In one scene, Ram Charan jumps on to a train and travels to Bihar with lightning speed in 5 minutes. In the next scene, the hero cuts heads of goons like coconuts and an eagle catch the flying heads. In another sequence, a snake bites the villain and dies instead of him.

Some filmgoers took to social media to express their outburst against Boyapati Srinu and they could not stop asking how Ram Charan accepted such illogical sequences. They shared some funny memes and trolled both the director and actor heavily. A few fans of mega family requested the makers to chop those scenes from Vinaya Vidheya Rama immediately. Here are some comments posted on Twitter.

Santhosh Yadav D‏ @BeingSanthosh

Boyapati's Interstellar 2.0! Train, snake, vulture, Raja bhai, Rama and the movie.. somewhere from parallel universe #VVR #Disaster #Ramcharan

Ramesh Reddy‏ @Rammy471

Ayya VVR Block Bustor with Snake and Train Scenes never before in Indian cinema...Eagle fight never before in World Film Industry

enDOCardium‏ @krazykashyap

#VVR Annnaaaa Boya Anna . . . Ela Anna asalu How anta Train - Eagle - Snake scenes will be written in History Biggest Regret of RCT till date .

HIRES+GST = Ramcharan‏ @Tarak_kiran

@RGVzoomin sir please share your opinion on VVR movie Especially the most dangerous stunts performed by ramcharan Snake bite, Eagle catch, train journey to bihar, zip scene #VVrFakeCollections #DisastrousVVR

Sai Nath‏ @Sai9794

#VVR - Antha chettaga ledu & Antha effective ga ledu. Cinema ki villian #DSP music nd BGM Excluding Train scene nd head cutting scene nd snake scene movie is okay. #Boyapati stardom leni Hero ki #JJN ichav, Kani #RCT ki ndku Ila ?

VVR & RRR‏ @BirthdayChiru

Snake & train scenes theesey ra @DVVMovies Urgent ga snake dhi cut Chey


Worst movie Boya ❤️da direction Charan script selection Papam @Advani_Kiara Papa Papam prashanth,sneha,aryanrajesh Epic disaster A fights ento Train scene 3000kms 5minuts lo velladam Eagle catch Bellamkonda Babu JJN 100times better than VVR

Superstar Prince MB‏ @supersampangi

boya's prev films are sensible bro like this vvr, snake scene , train scene are also beyond science