King Ragnar Lothbrok is likely to kill his brother Rollo in season 4.Facebook/Vikings

When Season 3 of "Vikings" ended, it was tragic for the show's fans. Not only did Athelstan (George Blagden) die, Ragnar was also badly hurt. Now, it remains to be seen if the showrunner will include his character when the period drama returns for Season 4.

After he plundered the wealth in Paris, Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) was badly wounded. In one of the promos, the Viking leader even accepted the possibility of his death and said, rather ominously, "Only fools believe they can live forever by avoiding the fight. I embrace the idea of death."

Furthermore, "Vikings" executive producer Michael Hirst told The Hollywood Reporter that Ragnar's health becomes an important element of the plot in Season 4. Hirst, while elaborating on Ragnar's storyline, stated that it is crucial for the Viking leader to be ill because it will impact the first half of the new season.

Hirst also said that in the event of Ragnar's death, his sons will take over. "His sons will be young, hot guys and hopefully the audience will already be engaged with them and want to follow them," he added.

While this does seem to signal Ragnar's end on "Vikings", a recent article on Inverse argues otherwise. The article states, "Season 4 will continue to see Ragnar's patented kinetic energy, including his eye roll-body flip move, as well as his sassy hand gestures."

Inverse's spoiler article on the fate of Ragnar indicates that the audience will not lose their favourite character. Although Ragnar will suffer from injuries that may alter his quality of life for a while, he will resume his role as an outspoken and brave leader later on in Season 4. However, his rise to power will perhaps complicate his relationship with his sons, who seem only too eager to take their father's place. This storyline will be all too interesting if explored by the showrunner and we hope Hirst depics the power struggle within Ragnar's family. 

"Vikings" Season 4 will premiere on Thursday, 18 February, on History Channel.

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