A crazy debate has been trending on Twitter for the past one day. The fans of Thalapathy Vijay and young tiger Junior NTR are caught up in an argument over who among the two is a better dancer. Usually, Twitter witnesses fan wars over Indian cinema which consist of several language industries like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi and Bengali.

Vijay and Junior NTR
Vijay and Junior NTRCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

But most of the time, these fights happen between the admirers of two actors from the same language, but the fights between the fans of actors from different film industries are a rare thing to happen and Twitter is now witnessing one such rare moment.

It is known Vijay and Junior NTR admire each other. In fact, Atlee had recently expressed his liking for Junior NTR during the recent promotion of Whistle, the Telugu version of Thalapathy's Bigil. Impressed with his words, the young tiger's fans supported the film making it a hit at the box office. The bonding between the fans of the two heroes had grabbed many eyeballs on that occasion.

Young tiger Junior NTR and Thalapathy Vijay
Young tiger Junior NTR and Thalapathy VijayCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

But months of this development, Vijay and Junior NTR appears to be at the loggerheads. It is not clear how and why the fight between the two groups on Twitter. But the two gangs argued over their dancing skills and tried to prove their favourite actor is the best dancer. They share several videos of their dance moves and conducted polls to prove their point.

Aaditya Arunasalam @vijaitarak9999

Telugu industry best dancer #NTR Tamil industry best dancer #Vijay But when compared between both #NTR tops the chart with his grace and face expressions Ignore Negativity guys, don't create unnecessary arguments

Pavan @SelbstBewusst9

There is a difference b/w trained dancers and actors. Vijay is an actor who didn't trained for dance. While , ntr ram Charan allu Arjun are trained dancers . No need to prove them about Vijay. #vijay is always king in his style. No one can beat his style in dance

ʍαhε$h hølιc @ChanduFanOfMB71

#Vijay may be d best dancer.. But to match #NTR's grace nd style is nxt to impossible for any other act or.. Dance Tarak >>>> Any ❤️


Okay guys let's settle this Best dancer in between??? Retweet for #NTR Like for #Vijay ❤

The noticeable thing about this fight is that it was healthy argument and hardly anyone abused the opposite gang. Both gangs shared several dance videos of Vijay and Jr NTR, which was the best thing to happen.

My conscience/என் மனசாட்சி @machanae1

Not concerned on fan fights between #NTRjr and #vijay..simple reason we are moving to tollywood, also it looks healthy fight, getting to see many dance videos of #juniorntr, hope no abusive tweets even if it will be Telugu which I don't understand.. #bigil #ntr #dancefight

While this fight was going on, some people took a neutral stand and tried to propagate that both Vijay and Junior NTR are talented and best in their respective film industries. Even the fan clubs of both the actors intervened the fight and requested to sop it immediately.

Chennai Vasi @chennaintr

One thing nanba... I 'm from Andhra Tamil Nadu border .. So I like Vijay from my childhood. Leave that.. But during #Bigil release in Telugu, only NTR fans supported #Vijay.. Go & check the tweets.. just because of u this fight started & went worst ... Atleast stop now.

Sripadh Rao @silly_rao

Why the hell is these comparisons. Both #NTR and #Vijay are good in their own styles. Accept good in both n move on. Encourage art n artiste. Dont create unnecessary wars/barriers

TVR Rayappan™ @TVR_0ff

Poll Time Yaru Gethu nu Patharalam Vanga Da #NTR is Tollywood Best Dancer #VIJAY is Kollywood Best Dancer Spread love #Bigil #Thalapathy64 #RRR #NTR