Shahid Kapoor has had as colourful a life off-screen as onscreen. While he has been vocal about his relationship with Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor, celebs like Sania Mirza, Vidya Balan and Sonakshi Sinha had indirectly revealed that they were in a relationship with him.

It was said that soon after breaking up with Kareena Kapoor, Shahid had been walking with his heart on-his-sleeve. It was then that Shahid and his Kismet Konnection co-star, Vidya Balan came closer. Several reports quoted the two as a couple and insisted that they were more than "just good friends".

Shahid Kapoor, Kabir Singh, Vidya Balan
Shahid Kapoor in and as Kabir Singh, Vidya BalanInstagram

The interview that gave it all away

While Shahid has maintained silence on his affair with Vidya, in an old TOI interview, Balan had indirectly spilled the beans. The Dirty Picture actress had said, "But you see, I was going through a lot of confusion in my head on a lot of fronts. I started taking a few things for granted. I became complacent. And I lost interest. Till Kismet Connection, everything was going well for me and then suddenly..." When the reporter asked her if it was about Shahid Kapoor, Vidya said she doesn't see the connection but went on to add, "Well, my mom sat me down and told me that I needed to feel good about myself. I think that I was trying to be someone else. I was desperately trying to fit into a certain mould. It was not about my weight and clothes. Those caustic comments were coming because I looked unhappy. I was exuding a certain amount of unhappiness. If someone who matters to you talks you down, it can break you. That someone whose approval mattered to me started to constantly find faults with me. It started reflecting on me. At that point of time, it was important to walk away from that relationship. I don't want to take his name."

When the reporter informed her that Shahid has said that he doesn't want to work with her anymore, Vidya said, Did I say that that I want to work with him? If someone doesn't want to work with me, so be it. It's his loss completely. There are other fish in the sea."

On Karan Johar's chat show also, the ace director had hinted at Vidya being more than friendly with Shahid Kapoor.