ali bhatt at his parents' graves

In a heartbreaking incident, Mohammad Ali Bhatt, a Kashmiri man who was wrongly jailed for terrorism was freed and came back home to Srinagar only to find out that his parents had died long ago of heartbreak. His youth and time with his parents were lost when he was languishing in jail. 

Ali, now 48-years-old, was jailed for 23 years and the first thing he did when he stepped out of prison was to visit his parents' graves. A video which went viral shows Ali, in a white kurta, refusing to leave his parents' graves and he was clutching a headstone and sobbing while onlookers pulled him away.

Ali's mother died in 2002 while his father passed away three years back.

"When I got stuck in this case, that is when I realised we are being oppressed and this is not right. You may become a victim, but never become an oppressor. I had thought I will die in the jail until court finally declared me innocent," Ali told NDTV.

"I was missing everyone here. The people and relatives I knew, many of them have died in last 23 years. Everything has changed here," Ali added.

Ali was named in a chargesheet along with 10 other people for the Lajpat Nagar blasts in 1996 in New Delhi which had killed 13 people. If this was not enough for Ali, he was also named in connection with another blast in Samleti village in Rajasthan where 14 people were killed.

Unfortunately, Ali was found guilty in both the cases and was sentenced to death in one case and life in another.

After information emerged that there were lapses in protocol in Ali's conviction and the Rajasthan High Court acquitted him last week. He was freed after prosecution failed to find a connection between him and Dr Abdul Hameed, the main accused.

Seven out of 12 people who were charged in the Samleti case have been acquitted till now. One was freed in 2009 and six other on Tuesday.