How ironic that Pakistan is an elected member of UN Human Rights Council when the country and its authorities have turned a blind eye to the atrocities towards women and children on a regular basis. The shocking incidents of honour killing, forced conversions and young boys being raped by madrasa teachers only scratch the surface of the ground reality in Pakistan since many such events go unnoticed and unreported. But one such incident that came to light recently shows just how deep this vile culture runs, infecting the young minds who treat crimes of rape and sexual abuse as normal.

There have been several shocking incidents coming to light from the religious institutes of Pakistan, which send chills down the spine. The madrasa teachers, who are often looked up to in their community, use their position of power to take advantage of young boys. Reports of young boys being raped and sexually abused by their teachers coming out of Pakistan are numerous and the action against such disgusting crimes next to absent.

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PAK boy raped, now rapes other children

A resident anaesthesiologist shared the shocking incident of a young teen who was to undergo surgery, but when his HIV result came back positive, there were some shocking revelations. An unidentified senior surgeon confided in Peshawar's Umair Arshad, a resident doctor about his patient who not only admitted being allegedly raped his entire childhood, but also revealed he allegedly raped young kids in mosques.

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One fine day a senior doctor approached me at work in some distress. He held out his phone to me, a video he had recorded. They were planning to do a surgery, but a young madrasa student, who appeared between 16-18 was found to be HIV positive on the routine pre-op screening test. The senior doctor told me he sat the boy down to talk. The boy, classic, with an untrimmed sparse chin beard, a white topi on his head and shalwas kamees, would not have it. No, he was not in denial or shock.

He simply did not care for it. The senior doctor explained to him that he must abstain from any sexual intercourse, and if he has urges, better to masturbate than ruin someone's life. That is when he prodded the boy for his own history and how he might have gotten HIV.

The boy admitted that he had been raped (the word he used was F-ed) by his senior maulanas and madrasa teachers his entire childhood. He said it nonchalantly as if it meant nothing. Then... and this was on video... he said he had raped children in the local mosques too. Recently! WHILE BLOODY HIV POSITIVE!!!!! He said it was just a usual routine in the mosques and madrasas and he was surprised and unaffected by the boiling anger, shock and surprise of the senior doctor.

He again explained to the boy never to be involved in intercourse again, and the boy simple shrugged it off smiling as if he were being put into some comedic and tedious situation. He looked like he just wanted to go home and that these stupid doctors should stop annoying him and leave him alone.

Arshad concluded his post in anger, saying: "I will torch myself through seven hells, if heaven is reached by their path." Rightly so, even as the authorities, despite a shocking amount of such cases coming to light, turn blind eye to such crimes.

If the data is any indication, Pakistan's justice system has failed those young kids, their parents and let the accused continue their atrocities. In the first half of 2020, at least 704 boys were sexually abused - and that's just the number of cases reported.