The box office failure of 83 has surprised everyone. Touted as one of the most anticipated and biggest films of 2021, the makers waited almost a year and a half to release the film on the big screen.

However, lack of footfall owing to night curfews and the onset of the third wave, hit the business of the film terribly. And now, its director Kabir Khan has lashed out at the "unprofessional" assessment of some trade analysts.

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone strrer "83", released on December 24, has managed to collect Rs 182 crore at the box office so far, which was far below the expectations as per trade anaysts. 

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The "unprofessional behaviour"

Kabir Khan, in a recent interview, said that he is upset with the unprofessional behavior of certain trade analysts who are not taking into account the impact of the pandemic on the film.

"There has been very unprofessional behavior on the part of certain trade analysts where they are reporting numbers without taking the pandemic into the context. This really surprises me because while reporting something you have to take into account the factors that lead to a situation, if not then you are not staying true to your profession," Khan said in an interview.

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Kabir Khan miffed

"Literally, the day of the release was the day when the cases started piling up in the country. The third wave has been the fastest; the rate of infection is far greater compared to the earlier two waves. The speed with which it hit us, no one could have really planned in a situation like this," Khan added. Kabir Khan also thanked those who came to the theatres and expressed their love for the film and the stars.

He added that they all waited for the film to release on the big screen because they knew it was a film that needed to be seen on the big screen. However, owing to the sudden wave of pandemic, they were not prepared for what was to come.