As per ICC rules, teams in the world cup were asked to have two separate jerseys - one for a home game and an away jersey. In this wake, India released their new jersey two days before their match against England and as expected, it drew polar reactions on social media. There were people who liked the new look, while others were not convinced of the design.

And, well, being a fashionista, Virat Kohli's version matters and hence, the question was posted to the skipper in the presser prior to the game against England. Well, and the skipper was quick to give it a thumbs up.

"I quite like it, I think it's right up there. For me, it would be eight. Honestly, I'm not saying it for the sake of it. I really like it. The contrast is very nice," Kohli said at the press conference. However, the skipper was quick to add, that this will always be a temporary jersey and they will wear it only to honour the guidelines and the occasion. He also believed that the Indian team will always be associated with the blue shade and that, it was always the case.

'Blue has always been our colour'

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"For one game, it's fine. I don't think permanently we'd be heading in that direction because Blue has always been our colour, very proud to wear that. For a change and looking at the occasion, it's a very smart kit," Kohli further added.

As per the stipulated rules, four other teams have had to wear different jerseys to be differentiated from the opposition. South Africa, a side which usually dons the green jersey, chose gold/yellow as the alternate jersey. Sri Lanka chose to wear the yellow shade and Bangladesh opted for red, which they will wear in the match against Pakistan.

Kuldeep Yadav was brilliant
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It needs to be mentioned here there has been a debate with regards to the choice of colour as political parties have accused the central government of saffronising the sport. 

Before the tournament started, the Indian captain said that as the tournament progressed the scores would go down, a prediction which is coming true with every match. Kohli also said that to be a good side, one needs to adapt to the situation to any given situation.

"To be a good quality side, you need to adapt to the situation that is in front of you. In the last two games, I literally experienced that the pitch deteriorated while I was playing," said Kohli.