Sathyan Anthikkadu movies are known for their simplicity, and his son Anoop Sathyan has also followed the same pattern while making 'Varane Avashyamundu' that stars Suresh Gopi, Dulquer Salmaan, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Shobhana and KPAC Lalitha in the lead roles.

Varane Avashyamundu
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However, most of the Sathyan Anthikkadu movies are set in a rural background, while this film is an urban version of old Malayalam movies that gave importance to emotions, sentiments, love, and family attachments.

Varane Avashyamundu belongs to Suresh Gopi

This film can be considered as a strong comeback movie of veteran Superstar Suresh Gopi. Unlike his other movies where the actor garnered applause using his punch dialogues and stunts, Varane Avashyamundu showed a totally different face of the 90s action star.

In this movie, he seems so innocent like a school kid, and his mannerisms and charm will make the audiences fall flat for him.

In once scene, Suresh Gopi can be seen narrating the story of a Chinese girl, and it was a sheer treat to watch. Director Anoop Sathyan has also included some Suresh Gopi trolls that include 'I am taking this Thrissur' in this movie.

Suresh Gopi
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On the other hand, Shobhana, as always captured everyone's heart through her charm, and she once again proved that she is one of the most beautiful actresses in the South Indian film industry. Shobhana's love track towards Suresh Gopi reminded the audiences of the old 'Ganga and Nakulan' in the blockbuster movie 'Manichithrathazhu'.

Dulquer Salmaan has very less screen space in the movie, but his character has a crucial role in determining the storyline of this flick. Kalyani Priyadarshan looked charming, but she should work a little more to improve her acting skills.

Anoop Sathyan's decent debut

Anoop Sathyan has made a very simple movie. 'Varane Avashyamundu' is a movie that is predictable, but it has those attractive elements that will make the audiences glue in the theatre seats throughout the running time.

The film showed no conflicts between the characters, but it showed emotions and soft human feelings that everyone can relate to their life.

However, the climax of the movie was a little disappointing, as the director ended the movie in an abrupt manner.

Final verdict

A feel-good movie that can be celebrated for the awesome performances of Suresh Gopi and Shobhana.