Jayam Ravi's Vanamagan
Jayam Ravi and Sayyeshaa's Vanamagan.PR Handout

Jayam Ravi is in a different league now. The actor has now become choosy and gets opportunities to experiment. Looking at the movies he has done in the recent years, it becomes clear that the 36-year old is craving for variety. Vanamagan, which projects him in the role of a tribesman, is a case in point.

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He has collaborated with AL Vijay for Vanamagan. The director had approached him for many projects earlier, but nothing materialised for one or other reason. Finally, this film has brought them together. Hindi and Telugu actress Sayyeshaa is making her Tamil debut with the flick, which has Prakash Raj, Thambi Ramaiah, Varun, Vela Ramamoorthy, and Sanjay Bharathi in the supporting roles.

Harris Jayaraj has composed the music for Vanamagan. The songs like Yemma Yea Alagamma and Pachchai Uduthiya Kaadu have impressed the listeners. The film has Tirru's cinematography and Anthony's editing.

Vanamagan Story:

Jayam Ravi plays the role of a tribesman named Jara, who falls in love with a city girl. What happens when a man, who he lived all his life in the forest lands in so-called civilised world forms the crux of the story.

Jara (Ravi) escapes from Andaman and meets a rich and spoilt girl Kavya (Sayyessha), who is in the island to celebrate the New Year. On the other end, her parents suspiciously dies even as Rajashekhar (Prakash Raj)'s son wishes to tie the knot with her. What follows next should be see on-screen.

Jayam Ravi and Sayyeshaa's Vanamagan
Jayam Ravi and Sayyeshaa in Vanamagan.PR Handout


Vanamagan has opened to mixed reviews. Jayam Ravi is whole-heartedly praised for giving his heart and sould for the role without uttering a single word in the film. His acting is compared with the performance of Vikram in Pithamagan. Sayyeshaa impresses the viewers with her dancing skills. Also, the director has written her role well and she has a lot of scope to display her acting.

The rich production values and the background score are other highlights of the film. The background score and cinematography are bonus. On the flipside, the climax portions are let down and the screenplay could have been a lot better. There is nothing new in the story and similar stories have been made in all the languages. People are of the opinion that the subject is good, but the execution is not up to the mark. Vanamagan has taken inspiration from a lot of English movies and notably George of Jungle.

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 2.5

We, bring to you the live audience review of the movie below:

Kaushik LM: #Vanamagan 1st half - @actor_jayamravi thaarumaru. Worthy successor to Pithamagan Vikram. Literally acting as a 'trained dog'. Much respect!
#Vanamagan 1st half -@sayyeshaa is confident, as the rich gal who gradually takes a liking to the tribal & transforms. Abs. brilliant dancer
#Vanamagan - @Jharrisjayaraj's tribal BGM 'Hey Zulu.. Ummaaa.. narikki, murukki, sirikki, kirikki..'
#Vanamagan 2nd half -Touches upon exploitation of forests (like Kadamban). Plenty of action, some romance. A film dedicated to forest tribes
#Vanamagan - @actor_jayamravi has given his heart & soul to the film Watch it for him! Felt the 2nd half & the finale could've been better
#Vanamagan - Watchable fare! Top @actor_jayamravi, refreshing @sayyeshaa, nice songs, visuals & action, some 'karuthu'. Okish by Dir Vijay!

Sathish Kumar: #Vanamagan @sayyeshaa gets the best ever intro for a debut heroine with wonderful dance performance.
#Vanamgan First half - @actor_jayamravi as Vanamagan gives his best performance, even without uttering a word
#Vanamagan Whatever people guessed aboit the plot after seeing the trailer is shown in the 1st half. Expecting an engaging 2nd half
#Vanamagan Positives - Jayam Ravi Acting & Ayyeshaa Dance with rich production values. Screenplay could have been better

ChristopherKanagaraj: #Vanamagan - 1st hlf, Nothing to say, Sayeesha is the only relief, not even 1 scene is interesting so far. Music is also not gud :(
#Vanamagan - Should appreciate Jayam Ravi's effort. Couple of songs r gud. Prakshraj :( T Ramaiah irritates. Better luck next tym A L Vijay.

Ramesh Bala: #Vanamagan 1st Half: An entertaining first half.. Interesting story line.. @actor_jayamravi in fine form.. @sayyeshaa looks & dances great
#Vanamagan [3/5]: A good entertainer with a msg.. @actor_jayamravi has excelled with face expressions and body language alone..
#Vanamagan [3/5]: @sayyeshaa makes a fine debut.. Looks ravishin and dances well.. Meaty role and she has fully utilized it well.. A Star!
#Vanamagan [3/5]: @Jharrisjayaraj songs and @DOP_Tirru camera #DirVijay has made an enjoyable entertainer for the entire family..

Rajasekar: #Vanamagan first half - nicely written feel-good entertainer so far. @actor_jayamravi - @sayyeshaa make an adorable pair, classy
@sayyeshaa semma movie....superb screen presence and your Dance wowww surely this flim gonna big hit
#Vanamagan - neat feel good entertainer with a relevant message. Has its flaws and logical loopholes but entertains
#Vanamagan - perfect launch for @sayyeshaa, she's going to be the next big heroine in Kollywood for sure
#Vanamagan - @actor_jayamravi once again proves that he has an eye for quality entertainers. Underplayed for the importance of the script

Surendhar MK: Half way through #VanaMagan. Lovely first half. @sayyeshaa makes a sterling debut. @actor_jayamravi has delivered a fine performance.
Comedy sequences centered on @actor_jayamravi ,@sayyeshaa & Thambi Ramaiah are genuinely enjoyable. Quite fun. Looking fwd to the 2nd half.

Vaishnavi‏: Few ups and downs few songs were good ! Prakash Raj wasent utilised well ! @sayyeshaa dances were great ! Loved the visuals #Vanamagan 3/5
#Vanamagan Appreciable work from @actor_jayamravi and Vijay ! Dream debut for @sayyeshaa Cinematography is perfect Worth your money 3/5

Naganathan: #Vanamagan Neat feel good movie.

Prabhudheva‏: Best wishes to Vijay n @actor_jayamravi , watched vanamagan superb film

Dinesh‏ @123: Cant takes my eyes off pretty @sayyeshaa. Best dancer, funny acting and she entertains #vanamagan first half completely

khushbusundar: Watched #Vanamagan so proud of @actor_jayamravi u hve stolen the show..salute ur hard work..work is worship n u prove it wid evry film❤❤